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    1. It was GM_Rusaku-nii who made the site for me with Futaba as my avatar because she’s my fave character in the game, and we already beaten the game and is on NG+ right now. The Dub was good but Rusaku-nii and I much preferred the Japanese audio. Right now we’re on a quest to make a Persona with an all elemental Block/Drain in preparation against the Twin Warden. And most of all thanks for reading.

      1. That kind of persona would just be overkill, but good luck with that. Since I haven’t completethe game yet I don’t really have a favorite yet but so far it’s either Makoto or Tae.

  1. thanks for translate this novel, this translation is best than nepu (im spanish and i need to translate with google chrome’straduction bat with the source code of nepustation is impossible to translate, at least i thing that)

    1. Yes, Rusaku-nii already tried looking it up there but because there are too many chapters to look at he kinda given up after doing a pass on the whole list and found nothing, so if you know the specific page then it will really help me.
      And thanks for reading.

  2. Futaba you asks if the translation skill of 《ogre fist》is right in chapter 147 right? Its correct.
    The skill name appeared on episode 112:legen blood 4
    Was used to fight the giant last boss golem.

    1. Thanks for the help, I’ll proper’y credit you in the TL notes. And also just found out that I might mistranslated 《Destruction Ogre》 to 《Destruction Fist》 so I might correct that if I’ve prooved it to be correct.
      And most of all thanks for reading.

        1. I’ll have to verify it first as the kanji in the current chapter was literally ‘destruction oni’ and I translated it into ‘Destruction fist’ So I’ll look at 112’s raw first as both word pops out that chapter. And Rusaku-nii isn’t home right now so I can’t use his PC so I might do things later after he gets back home.

          1. Well it did say ‘Oni’ so it fits the description of the word. Anyway hope to see the next chapter sooner or later. 🙂
            No pressure.

  3. Yo~ Navi-chii~ seem’ed Rusaku-chii told you about it… Meh still good work with your translation and i’m inoccent of what I said it was just a slip of a tounge~!!

  4. Thanks for translating. Perhaps this is just an issue with my outdated laptop, but for the words of the chapter itself the words are black on a dark background with the logo in the back. So in order to be able to read it, I have to highlight as I read, in order to appreciate it. Which it is odd with the Translator comments coming out fine, and then changing to black.

    1. That was the fake text for those bots who copies my translation, to read the real chapter you have to click the tmearn link. And thanks for visiting and reading here.

        1. The brain behind those masterpiece was Rusaku-nii. All the credit for those hilariouse fakes are for him alone as I can’t possibly make something like that. And thanks for visiting and reading on my site.

        1. Sorry for the late reply, I was preparing for my family trip and didn’t notice the error in the link. It was already fixed and yes going to part two will also lead you to part one. And also thanks for reading.

  5. Rusaku-chii if your readin’ this can you pass to Futaba-chii that I can only say condolence for her loss and wish to say that she will be strong or smthing (Can’t make a proper sentence)

    1. Yeah, I already passed your messages to her, it made her a bit happy for the reader’s encouragement and she might be back by next week but next week is the start of her schoolyear so translation might be slow.

  6. Um is there a way to get a direct link to 146 and up for Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch because I can’t get past the wmnt thingymajig I can read 151 but not 146 and up I r really want to get caught up thanks

    1. Sorry for the late reply, we’re too busy irl right now, if your on mobile and using browser with build-in adblock you have to do the captcha for 5 to 6 times as the adblock function is interfering with it even when disabled.

  7. I’ve tried solving your weird captcha redirect multiple times and it always blocks me by calling me “a bad not”. I just want to read skill taker and the defective captcha is making that impossible, do you have any ideas on how I can bypass or fix this? BTW I’m using an amazon fire tablet with the built in silk browser, no form of adblock or any other type of plug-in.

  8. By the way was cheat majutsu always like that? Having a picture and a box dedicated to the speech would take time to get used to but thanks.

  9. Also How about the Computer users? Do we also need to use the app? As the last thing I saw in the patron is that you need to be one too see it in the patron website. If I was wrong in seeing it.

  10. So this Narou TL app… What happened to it? I have it somehow on my iPod when I can no longer find it in the Apple Store. Then one day it tells me that the app has been disabled by the publisher. So again, what happened? Where can I find the FREE chapters for skill taker? Patreon is not free yet they have the chapters.

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