Third Episode: Firefox 《Kuna》


I kept running since then, somehow I was able to arrived at the Seal City while the sun is still up high the sky. I’m always become speechless whenever I see the bizarre figure of the Seal City, even if I’ve seen it for how many time already.
The castle wall with height of 10m and thickness of 3m surrounds the the whole City. It was not prepared for any invading foreign enemies but prepared to contain something inside.


「I’m tired as expected. As for the admission fee, 100,000 Val should be enough」

If a person doesn’t have neither a citizenship or an entry pass, they have to play 100,000 Val at the gate to pass. You can apply for an entry pass valid for a month by paying a price. I was able to get in the line when I had reached the gate.

This is the world’s most chaotic district. It’s dangerous and risky but both money and people gather up here. It’s to the extent that there is no exaggeration even if I say that there is nothing in this district that wouldn’t gather here.

For example, some holds slaves as a commodity here. There is a cage besides me that held slaves that’s hugging their knees while sitting with dead eyes. I would like to help them. But how would I do that? I can’t take the responsibilities for their life. It’s impossible for the current me, I can’t support them no matter what, they can only live their own lives.


「It can’t be helped. Being practical is more important」

The other party is just doing it’s business. There is no need to be a hindrance to them. Like that I walked briskly with small steps, I reached the line for the entrance check in front of the gate. When I suddenly glance at the row of carriages, I saw the slave trader talking with a girl. I activate my magic cause it peeked my interest. So I used a wind magic that can pick up sounds.


「Ano, Excuse me. To enter this City what should I do desu ka?」

It was a very beautiful girl. She seems to be in her mid-teens, maybe the same age as me. Her long blond hair shines through the light, and her silky white skin moves attractively. Her features is a little on the gentle side, and this gave me the impression of being incredibly perfect girl. Although she has thin frame, it’s such an erotic sight. And her best characteristic is those fox ears that has the same color as her hair and that fox tail. It matches her very well.

I held my breath. When it was still a game, a partner of mine traveled along with me. It was the girl that I failed to save…. It was Kuna. I came here because of her. But I didn’t expect that I’ll meet her this early. It was around several years ago in the game IRURANDE when I first met her.

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