Second Episode: 【Magic Silver Refining】


I left the room after Kami-sama disappeared. I then entered the bedroom and look for some change of clothes on the shelf. It’s not suitable to be naked forever.

In the game period the homunculus was made by an alchemist who was a self-proclaimed God. As soon as I wake up, I was given the status of being the alchemist’s disciple and some money, then was told to go on a journey.

I lived without any sense of incongruity, under the alchemist’s reason that I was human. It was a great achievement to create a human being with man’s own hands not to mention that it was accomplished for the first time and was a huge success.

I know where the alchemist placed the gold because I’ve repeated this many times already.


「Yoshi, there’s the safe」

I removed the armload huge safe from the shelf. Then I touched it and strike a wavelength of my mana. The lock on this safe is a mana perception type. An Alchemist will always unlock it by hit it with his/her own wavelength. I memorized the wavelength for this occasion. With a normal human body they cannot convert mana into a wavelength, but a homunculus can convert it within their body.A hard click sounds and unlocking was done.


「Yoshi yoshi, as expected there’s a large sum of money similar to a bank, it will be enough with only this though」

There was bundles of banknotes in the safe. The paper currency system was introduced on this world several years ago. Although having gold coins is better for the ambiance, but the heavy weight will be unbearable. The amount of money that was inside was 300,000 Val. Because one bread cost 200 Val, there was not much difference in the monetary value compared to with Japanese Yen. About a month’s worth of money is enough to live. And, one more. I guess this will probably become a steady catalysts. Mithril…… Approximately 10 kg of magic silver was stored away.


「How lucky. To keep such a thing like this」

I started searching for a method on how to process Mithril from my memory.


「【Magic Silver Refining: Ring】」

The brain runs the Magic Equation, and the magic executes it. The Mithril turns into a liquid state from it’s solid state, and it coiled around both my upper arms to my hands and from my thigh to my legs. Furthermore it formed into rings before turning back into its solid state. When the specific wavelength is inserted, the magic silver can be changed into different forms while in its liquid state.

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