Cheat Majutsu Ch.1-Eps.2 Released!

The revised release for Cheat Majutsu Eps. 2 is up on the 「Narou TL」 .

And to those who are complaining that they have to use an app for one novel, that is wrong as multiple novels will be upped on that app, we are also looking for TL’ers who wants to join us, just contact us via the app.

Those who says that the patreon is pay-walled, I will remind you that they are backups and really not meant to be seen, so it was raised to an impossible amount so no insane person can try it.

To those who are in doubt because the app is shady, no it is not. It will not collect any data from you except when registering, and it may take a while but this will be up on Playstore in the coming future.

Here is the sample chapter of cheat majutsu:  Second Episode: 【Magic Silver Refining】