News about Futaba(Navi)'s current state and Cheat Majutsu – Episode: Prologue

Nepu!, it’s me GM_Rusaku. You all know that I’m helping Futaba in her works here and well… here’s what’s currently happening. Because she’s using my PC to translate, she wasn’t able to do any chapters for the reason that I was addicted to Minecraft, the readers at BakaPervert’s site know this,  and it kept going on for two weeks just to do this.

Yeah, I’m spreading my nepu on other things… but things get’s worse after this…

At 7:09am on May 18, Futaba(Navi)’s grandmother passed away. So their entire family hurriedly went to Iloilo City and will stay there till the end of May only leaving me a shortish txt message for all of you readers of Skill Taker, and I quote:

“Hallo, Futaba(Navi) here! So something came up in real life. My Grandma just passed away and I have to leave Manila for 13 days, and upon returning the school year will start so I may or may not get to release chapters for Skill Taker. So If I cannot release some chapters on June then those who want to pick it up may do so after contacting me or Rusaku-nii”

I already told her that she doesn’t need to translate for now and just focus on her grandmother’s wake. So while she’s out, I decided to not just repost but also retranslate the Prolouge-Episode 12 of Cheat Majutsu. Why? Because of this.

Now that I see someone genuinely liking my work on Cheat Majutsu, I’ll revise the first  13 chapters. Why? Because unlike Episode 13 and beyond that was translated with the use of Mecab and Jparser, the first 13 chapters was pure MTL. Now that I’ve finished the Prologue, I can see that there were many errors on my past translation. And also I’m going to do this when I feel like it so don’t ask to do it faster… and if somehow someone wants to donate, do pledge on Futaba’s Patreon as I’m doing this to help her earn a little, well it might be too late as those earnings are for her grandmother originally…

So without further delays, here’s Cheat Majutsu – Prologue: IRURANDE

26 thoughts on “News about Futaba(Navi)'s current state and Cheat Majutsu – Episode: Prologue”

        1. Well he already done my previous releases that was posted on my former site and I had also notified him of the revised release, so if he didn’t made any move within a month (but inform him first as that is one of the translation etiquette) then you are free to do so, but if he do post a revision then just leave it to him as it would be considered as translation poaching.

          1. I know but do not translate since 2016, I think the page is abandoned, did not translate the chapters of nepustation, so the project is free.

          2. Well do confirm it to them first, if they didn’t reply for a week then you’re free to translate the one I TL’ed (137~145) but for the rest (146~149) ask Futaba first.

          3. I received a reply from Futaba, she’s ok with it as long as she is credited. And don’t forget to drop your URL here so we can advertise your site for the Spanish TL for Skill Taker.

          4. And Slave Rod didn’t do my TL as it was in their words “it’s MTL so it will be not accurate” not knowing all chapters done by Andrew (1~135) thay they TL’ed are also MTL.

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