Cheat Majutsu Ch.1 Released!

Hello;World! it’s me GM_Rusaku. Futaba(Navi) and her family hasn’t gone back here yet so there will be still no Skill Taker for now. I might do a chapter in her stead if I get some time. Also I redone the English Translation of Cheat Majutsu’s title, I’ll now use “Forcing Down Fate Using Cheat Magic” instead of ‘Twisting the Arms of Fate with Cheat Magic”.

For now here’s the revise version of Cheat Majutsu First Episode : Hero

23 thoughts on “Cheat Majutsu Ch.1 Released!”

        1. My editing skills just covers the things you will see on a MTL’ed chapter, and because of that, the editing is one of the reasons why the release is slow.

          1. Yup translating mtl’ed is hard. I mean I read an entire volume of mtl’ed chapter without any edit and damn it hurts. Hahaha by the way the novel that i read is Womanizing mage.

    1. I already deleted that old site of mine, all will be rehost here but I’ll be revising Prologue till Eps.12 as those are pure MTL, then I’ll post the edited 13~27.

  1. I see you don’t like other re distributing your stuff which is fair enough bot are you going to archive it on the internet archive at least.
    There’s nothing more annoying that losing translations when people let their websites die.

    1. If you were reading my previouse post, I said I was going to re-translate the pure MTL chapters so have a bit of patience as I’m also super busy irl and it more of a priority for me right now.

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