異世界支配のスキルテイカー Ch.137~145

Originally Translated by: GM_Rusaku of Nepustation.com

That night. Yuuto came out to the garden when he heard an uproar, he then saw the figures of Lassen and Luna wrapped up with the plant’s vines and has various wounds all over.

「Um…… what are you two doing?」

The figures of Lassen and Luna hanging nakedly on the treetop was the thing which aroused a man’s heart very much.

「Kiー…… Kill me」

「No. I won’t kill you」

Yuuto calmly tsukkomi’ed Lassen’s words. Lassen’s plump body has a sex appeal that differs from Spica and Sylphia. Lassen’s breast and ass are like being dug onto by the 《Tree Incarnation》{tooltip}(?){end-texte}Can’t remember how andrew9495 translated this, if you can check it for me then please do.{end-tooltip} vines, it is bringing an unspeakable feeling again.

「Whaーwhat are your staring at! This pervert! Pervert Hentai!」

Luna who was upset from being seen naked was struggling from being bind by the vines of the tree. However. Her actions were fruitless. The tree’s vine had covered a part of Luna that resembled a pleasant feeling, her tears can be already seen.{tooltip}(?){end-texte}RAW TEXT: せっかく木の蔓によって良い感じに隠れていたルナの局部は、ポロリと見えてしまうことになる。{end-tooltip}

「Nn… Noooooooo!」

If this were an anime a mysterious light would cover it, but this is reality so it wont be happening. Luna who’s various parts was seen was confused, furthermore she struggled by moving her hands and feet butー. As she struggles more, for Yuuto it was a sight for the sore eyes.

「Well… I can imagine what happened in this situation…… You got caught by the monsters guarding the garden right?」

To the monsters that guards Yuuto’s house 「When locating a suspicious person, neutralize then restrict them」 was the order that he gave them. Yuuto didn’t really mean to harm them butー. Maybe they took 『Neutralize』 and interpreted it into 『Undress then restrict』.

「……Fufufuf. Ahahahaha!」

As for Lassen who received Yuuto’s words, she started to suddenly laugh loudly.

「Is there something funny?」

「Yuuto-kun. I’m bothered that you’re taking me so lightly. I’m contented at getting the title of Bronze Rank, but they said that my abilities are comparable to a Gold Rank adventurer. I…… there’s no way that I’m falling behind a low-class monster such as those skeletons right?」

「Eh? The why are you in that situation then……?」

「Because this is my hobby」


「……I get aroused when getting restricted while naked in the garden of another person. Do you have any complains?」

She’s completely changed from the strong-willed attitude before. Lassen said it while diverting her eyes and her cheeks were red. Naturally, those words of hers are all lies. For Lassen, it’s better to be considered a perverted exhibitionist rather than confessing the fact that she was defeated by the guards of my garden.

「Se-sempai! What are you saying!? We don’t have such hobbies……」

「Hahaha Luna-kun. What do you think you’re saying! Aren’t we comrades that share the same hobbies together?」

「Yu-Yuuto-san! This isn’t what you think! The things Sempai was talking about are all nonsense{tooltip}(?){end-texte}(テキトー) If any has some clues for this then do tell me Thanks to Kahzel for the correction.{end-tooltip}! Please believe me!」


Luna who was supposed to be suspicious was appealing to me with innocent tears on her eyes.

(This person…… Just how high is your pride!?)

Yuuto tsukkomi’ed in his heart toward the sempai adventurer who was acting strangely.

「Goshujinsama. The tea is ready」

「Thanks, Spica」

Now then. When Yuuto set Lassen free and gave her clothes back, he decided to invite her inside the house.

「Are? That reminds me, where’s Luna?」

「Well. If you’re looking for Luna-san, she has some business with Ririna-san so she said that she might get delayed」

「Is that so. Oh well, their discussion seems to had piled up{tooltip}(?){end-texte}Meaning the two girls have a lot to talk about.{end-tooltip}」

As of now, Yuuto and Lassen were in the guest room that was boasted to be the biggest room in the mansion. The luxurious guest room, a huge chandelier and a table to match it was prepared.

「By the way, Yuuto-kun. As for your house, just what is that……? There are monsters, some strange never before seen plants are planted, and there’s also an hot spring. Good grief, I don’t understand it at all!」

Yuuto decided to receive Lassen’s unreasonable lecturing for a little while. Of course he can’t afford to frankly speak everything, so he deceived her carefully. It was a secret that he has 《Ability Skill LootingTaker)》 a skill that deprives the opponents of their skills and that he was summoned from another world, it was a secret that not even Spica and Sylphia knows of.

「By the way Lassen-san. Did you have any business with me?」

「Excuse my rudeness. That’s right! I was entrusted a letter that was addressed to you」

Yuuto received the letter that was entrusted to Lassen.

「The Guild’s Chief Director seems to have wanted to meet and talk with your or something」

「Chief Director……?」

「Well, there’s no need to be on guard. Because they’re an ordinarily good-natured person, so you can be frank without reserved」


There was something about that talk that Yuuto can’t be gratefully honest with. It’s good to hear that some big-wig favors me but―. Considering the standpoint of a summoned being from Japan, I don’t want to do conspicuous action as much as possible as a reason.

However I can’t just ignore the Guild’s Chief Director just before I had decided to seriously work from tomorrow onwards.


And then, while we were pleasantly chatting on the guest room for about an hour, Lassen slowly stood up from her seat.

「Our talk had taken longer than expected. Well then, I shall take my leave」

「Well. Why won’t you stay in for the night as it is getting late? There are plenty of vacant rooms here」

「No way. I cannot depend on you who are my kouhai」

「The at least…… I can send you off」

「There’s no need to. It’s not that I don’t have any trust in you…… Just that when I was still a novice adventurer I’ve had various bitter experiences」

「Bitter experiences……?」

「Yeah. When I was heading home from after completing an expedition…… Those men who were together with me turned into wolves. Since then, I try to be absolutely alone when going home」

「Is that so… That was such a misfortune……」

「Because they were companions whom I’ve trusted that’s why my shock was great back then. Well, in order for those men to never again do such deeds I’ve turned them black and blue.{tooltip}(?){end-texte}In other words, Lassen beat the shit out of those shitheads{end-tooltip}」

When Lassen left those words, she gathered her stuff then left the mansion.

As Yuuto had guessed. Being a single woman to became an adventurer, there are problems that can’t be imagined from a man’s standpoint.

(That person is a man-hater…… The root of that is very deep in various ways.)

Yuuto was thinking of such a thing while gazing at Lassen’s plump ass that was sticking out from her short pants.

After that.
Yuuto who escorted Lassen off the entrance visits Ririna’s room to see how things are with Luna.

Half-opening the door and peeking inside, a pink scene was in full view.

「Ririna…… Ririna…… I wanted to see you……」

「Geez. There’s no helping you Luna」

Just now.
Luna put her head on Ririna’s lap while behaving like a spoiled child.

It’s a complete change from her usual unfriendly attitude.
Luna who was with Ririna seemed to give out heart marks from all over her body.

(Is it possible that Luna……. Likes Ririna?)

Seems like Luna’s reason for drawing a line with men is different from Lassen’s. {tooltip}(?){end-texte} Thanks to PaulNamida for the much understandable correction. RAW TEXT:今回のこともそうだが、LunaはLassenとはまた違った理由で男と線を引いているように見えた。{end-tooltip}

Being a remarkable long-time adventurer, Luna’s behavior is girlish in many ways.
While having the all-mighty housework skills, Ririna has a strong-minded personality.

When thinking carefully, the two of them suits to be a couple.

「Nee. Ririna. I have something serious to discuss」

「Hmm. What’s the matter, you’re being so sudden?」

「Did Yuuto do something ecchi with you on places that I don’t know? If Yuuto is doing something terrible to you I’m going to give him a beating!」


Ririna who just receives Luna’s questioning eludes her gaze awkwardly.

To tell the truth, her body is undergoing development with Yuuto’s 《Tentacle Magic》 almost every day.

Ririna know that it will make her unhappy if she ever tell the truth, so she decided to deceive her properly.

「Ahaha! What are you talking about? There are lots of other attractive women around Yuuto. It’s impossible for me to be his partner」

「I-is that so, it’s good then」

Luna who was able to confirm the words she wanted to hear from her close friend own mouth, was able to pat her chest in relief.

「Mu〜. However, that make me somewhat angry. Ririna is so charming and cool but…… He didn’t even notice her」

「What’s with you〜 Which of the two are you really agreeing too〜」


(The way I see it, this make them look like real sisters)

Ririna is the eldest daughter, Luna is the second daughter, even if Sanya is the third daughter there seems to be no sense of incongruity.
Yuuto then suddenly remembers his imouto whom he had left at his previous world.

The imouto was named Konoe Aina, it was the existence which can be called a natural enemy for Yuuto.

She was good-looking. Her grades was excellent.
In addition to having excellent talent for martial arts, she was a perfect girl at first glance. To simply word it, her inner surface is heterogeneous.

Her existence implanted many traumas in Yuuto till now.

(……Maa, fortunately this is a different world. As long as I don’t return to Japan, I will never see her again.){tooltip}(?){end-texte}Everyone! The flag has been raised!{end-tooltip}

The discussion between the girls had increases.

Yuuto who sense the mood made it difficult to enter the room, he then quietly closed the door as to not be noticed by Ririna and Luna.

After that.
Yuuto who had dinner with Luna is getting ready for bet after taking a bath.

I would also be glad if I was able to see my best friend again after a long time don’t you think?
Unlike Lassen, Luna had willingly accepted Yuuto’s 「Won’t you stay for the night?」 suggestion.

As of now.
Yuuto arranged various conditions for Luna to stay in the Foresty sister’s room.

「Yuuto. Can I come in?」

A while later, a familiar voice echoes in the room with the sound of knocking.

When I opened the door, it was Ririna who was wearing a very sexy negligee.

「What’s the matter Ririna?」

「……Are you making me say it with my own mouth? The usual…… I came for the night service!」

「Ah. That reminds me, today is Ririna’s turn」

Yuuto has a strong awareness of sexual desire compared to other boys of the same age, still everyone enters the same futon everyday and is hard at work.

With that reason for the girls that had slept with Yuuto, they had adapted a day by day rotation system.

Namely that is――

1st day, Spica.
2nd day, Sylphia.
3rd day, Ririna.
4th day, everyone.

Just like that.

Although Sanya is still a littel girl, I think that she will be joining the rotation in the near future.

There will be changes depending on the day’s mood, but I basically kept in mind not to break this line-up.

「Isn’t it a relief? Your friend is stayed for the night, can you take a break from your duty? I know even Ririna has some piled up stories to discuss with」

「Don’t be stupid! If I miss my turn today it will take four day to monopolize you. I can’t possibly…… bare to wait that long」

Ririna said that while wriggling the sides of her thigh.

These past days my tentacle magic bore fruit of it’s development.
Ririna seems to have completely became a very lewd girl.

「Is that so. Ririna can’t be helped then. If you say it like that, then we’ll have plenty of love for tonight」


Ririna that was stroked on the head by Yuuto had an expression of intoxication on her face.


Meanwhile, at that time.
The nekomimi ninja girl ―― Luna Honek, suddenly woked up from her bed.

「……Sanya-chan. Do you know where Ririna is?」

She probably wanted to go to the toilet.
But when she opened her eyes, Ririna who should had been sleeping next to her was nowhere to be found.

「Funyu~ Sanya too thinks it’s also strange. Occasionally the night, Ririna Onee-chan sometimes suddenly disappear at times」


Luna who heard Sanya’s words had an ominous feeling on her mind.

There is only one cause she can think about that caused Ririna’s disappearance.
Luna who left the room heads to Yuuto’s room with great haste.

Luna who was guided by Spica beforehand was able to easily reach Yuuto’s room.

(Ririna…… Please be safe……!)

Luna while praying to God in her heart opens the door.

Immediately following that.
Was the appearance of Ririna sticking out her ass with her hands on the wall jumps into Luna’s view.

For some reason Yuuto was hitting Ririna’s ass with a whip-like thing.

Obviously Luna doesn’t know the real identity of the whip is Yuuto’s special made 《Tentacle Magic》

「Wha, wha, wha…… 一What…… the hell……!?」

She cannot overlook that her childhood friend was being hit by a man.
So Luna decided to take courage and step into the room.


Author’s note:
I cut the sentence because of various circumstances
The cut part is maintained on the published book.

●This is the flow of the talk on the cut part

Luna which notice something odd in the middle of the night went to Yuuto’s room.
When she opened the door, she saw the figure of Ririna that was being whipped on the butt with the tentacles.

Although Luna condemned him, she still falls victim to Yuuto’s poisonous fangs.
The two was stuck in magic training together.


「……Hey. Yuuto. Can Luna play magic training with us this evening?」

Yuuto was caught by surprised by Ririna’s proposal.

「I don’t mind, is Luna alright?」

「……Yuuto-san, please do as you like」

Surprisingly, Luna accepted Yuuto’s proposal that was a question he though will be absolutely refused.
Since her life was saved on the battle with Thanatos, Luna swore in her heart that 『If it’s an order from Yuuto, I will listen whatever it is』.

「I am in debt to Yuuto for saving my life…… I don’t have any right to veto」


When I heard it I half joked 『Can I make an ecchi command?』I thought that the question is effective.{tooltip}(?){end-texte}RAW TEXT: まさか冗談半分で聞いた『エッチな命令をしてもよいか?』という質問が有効だとは思わなった。{end-tooltip}

It seems like taking advantage of the other party’s good will made me fell ashamed but――
Mine hasn’t withered and had stood up to endure for the two beautiful girls who were making a tower by overlapping their bodies on the bed.

(It was my dream since I was in elementary school… to receive two yuri couple together at the same time)

Thus Yuuto started fun “magical training” with two beautiful girls.

The following morning.
When Yuuto woke up, there was the figure of Luna who was fixing her clothes on the bed.

「Yuuto-san…… I was under your care yesterday」

Turning her back on Yuuto, Luna was telling him to clap the hook of the underwear.
Her back appearance has a superb seductiveness.

「Are you perhaps angry?」


Luna that was unexpectedly questioned by Yuuto trembled.

「I-I’m not mad! What gives you the idea that I’m angry?」


It was a question Yuuto have difficulty answering because of excessive ideas.

「Saying this much, I can’t thank Yuuto enough. Certainly, what triggered this all was quite forceful…… Last night was the first time I was able to spend time with my beloved Ririna…… This will be an irreplaceable time in my whole life」

「That was unexpected. I have the though that Luna possibly might have disliked me」

I have had the slightest though of appreciation being born from being resented.

Isn’t it being stabbed at night while on the road the worst case?
For Yuuto who thinks of that, Luna’s remark was unexpected.

「……What are you talking about? There’s no way I’ll dislike someone Ririna have loved」

Contrary being forced to be serviced at night is to Ririna’s intention――{tooltip}(?){end-texte}RAW TEXT: 仮にRirinaの意思に反して無理やり夜の営みを強要しているのだとしたら――。{end-tooltip}
Luna will never permit Yuuto.

When Luna found out that Ririna loves Yuuto, her evaluation of Yuuto completely changed.

「Yuuto-san. If Yuuto-san is fine with it, do you want to do three people at the same time?」

「Yeah. I’ll welcome it anythime」

Yuuto believe.
The figure of a human love is definitely different from person to person.

For Luna to be able to 『love』 a person her beloved have loved, she might be more of a person with a high caliber than I thought.


After that.
To Yuuto who had received Lassen’s message last night, he visited the appointed bar in order to complete the meeting with the Guild Chief Director.

Ozwan Martinez
Race: Human
Occupation: Guild Staff
Unique Ability: None

「Konoe, Yuuto-kun I presume. I heard about your achievements」

Just as he heard from Lassen――
The Guild Chief Director Ozwan, was a very ordinary ojii-san you can see anywhere.

But it seems like in the past, he was a Silver Ranked adventurer who had his name become well-known on the City of Expein, but it’s traces was now completely disappear.

His hair has been lost form his age, and his stomach has bulged out of old age.

「My bad for being hasty, but I want to discuss why I’ve summon you today. Yuuto-kun, I was thinking of letting you take the promotion test for Silver Rank by all means」

「A promotion test…… is it……?」

「Yeah. It had reached my ears that you were able to conquer a very difficult dungeon all by yourself. To leave such talented person being a Bronze Rank, it will be the Guild’s total loss.
That’s why the guild has a special promotion system to be able to maintain people with excellent talent like you. I want you to take this and work as a Silver Rank by all means」


For Yuuto, Ozwan’s proposition was quite attractive.

If he was able to be promoted to Silver Rank, the reward will be 50% higher compared to a Bronze Rank.

Up until now, the only way to raise ones guild rank was to steadily accumulate points, It’s fortunate that they have a bypath like this.

「So…… Specifically, what the heck should I do?」

「To make this story simple. First of all, I want you to show me your capability. Did you know that there’s a hunting area for Silver Rank adventurers called Wormwood Mine{tooltip}(?){end-texte}The raw is Mimizuku no Kouzan(ミミズクの鉱山) if anyone can give some alternative then please do tell me.{end-tooltip}?
Deep within, I had hidden some coins as a substitute for a qualification certificate. I want you to find those coins」

「I got it. I only need to find those coins right」

As far as the story goes, it doesn’t seem to be a difficult test.

If some problem do happens, it would be great if I turn back at that moment.

Thus Yuuto decide to take the silver rank promotion test on Ozwan’s recommendation.


A while after Yuuto decided to heads toward the Wormwood Mine.

「Kihihihi. That human had successfully gone ahead」

At this moment.
A demon was leaked a fearless laughter inside the Guild Chief Director’s office in the Adventurer’s Guild.

The name of the demon was Marduk{tooltip}(?){end-texte}Raw name was Amaruda (アマルダ) and can be read as Amar.Ud and by research this is what I found out. From the book 『Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible』, (Page 543) 「Marduk was the god of Babylon the supreme ruler of the Mesopotamian verse. Normally, the name Marduk is written as AMAR.UD. The name has been treated by some as pre-Sumerian and the Writing understood as a folk—etymology, whereby an unintelligible name is rendered understandable in Sumerian. It seems better, however, to treat the name as an original Sum: name: amar.uda.ak.」 With this, I’ll be using Marduk{end-tooltip}
Those long forelocks and the pierced earrings on his nose are this man’s characteristic.

「……Ah. I kept my promise. Konoe Yuuto-kun should be heading toward the Wormwood Mine as originally planned」

「It appears so. My comrade just contacted me a while ago」

「That’s why please…… Even if it’s only my daughter! Please save my daughter’s life!」

Ozwan begs Marduk with a sorrowful expression.

「What’s that? Worry not. We will keep out promise. If we can kill Konoe Yuuto, then by all means your daughter will be released」

When Marduk properly replied, a wicked smile was expressed within his heart.

(……Tsk. Shut up you. By now, your family must be probably already inside my comrade’s stomach)

Almost a week had passed since Yuuto defeated the worst named monster ever in history 《Undead King Thanatos》.

Yuuto who had defeated 《Undead King Thanatos》 who once reigned as a tri-wide ruler, has gradually increased his presence among the demons.

Marduk regarded this situation as the biggest opportunity to raise his name.

(Kihihi! If i kill this single human, I’ll gain 20,000,000 rea and get a hold of distinguished military service. This situation is so delicious!)

It’s impossible for me to fail against a human but I should still prepare.

In other to achieve absolute victory, Marduk took the Guild Director’s daughter as a hostage and lured Yuuto toward the 《Wormwood Path》.

(With this even Mammon-sama…… I’m sure he will recognize me!)

Marduk, for the sake of serving of The Devil King of Greed Mammon, grins a fearless smile.

The Wormwood Mines were located 20km east of the city of Expein.
Apparently this mine was valued by the merchants on Expein because valuable magic stones were excavated but――.
The mine was abandoned after all the magic stones exhausted, and then it became a den for monsters.

「Still…… It’s been a long time since Master and I had gone out with just the two of us!」

Sylphia muttered it in a good mood while while sitting at the back of the aerobike.
In this expedition, Spica was left to house-sit the mansion.
The reason was Ririna as the leader reached the most important part on the 『OnsenHot Spring Construction』, and they really need more helping hand.
As for the Wormwood Mine, It was the first time for Yuuto to hunt on a Silver Ranks’s hunting grounds, and the treat level of the monsters that will appear there will also rise.
With that circumstances in this expedition, it will be carried out by both Yuuto and Sylphia.

「I will show that I can protect Master this day! Master should feel glad that I’m reliable」

「Yeah. You’ll have my expectation」

Sylphia was thinking of it.
She had been protected by Yuuto this recent days and that’s no good.
Today with just the two of us, we will be heading toward a high-difficulty hunting ground. It will be the greatest chance to appeal to Master with my capability.。
Sylphia’s mood was at it’s climax, she then tightly hugged Yuuto who was in the front seat.


「You finally came. I got tired from waiting」

When Yuuto reached the Wormwood Mine’s entrance, a familiar woman was standing there.

(Whー Why are you here……?)

Sylphia had a displeasured look when she saw that woman―― Lassen Cigarette{tooltip}(?){end-texte}Andrew9495 translated Lassen’s surname as 『Sigurd』 but the raw was 『シガーレット』(shigaーretto) so I’ll translate it to 『Cigarette』 instead{end-tooltip}
Her feelings was like being thrown some cold water even though she expected that it will be an expedition with just both Yuuto and her.

「How come that Lassen-san is here?」

「Fufuh. I hope to help you in your promotional test. Yuuto-kun, I heard that you’ll head for Wormwood Mines so I went on ahead」

「Impressive…… To think of me to that extent…….?!」

「Stop saying it like that, it’s disgusting. It’s just because I have a debt to you on that last dungeon expedition. From here on, I just want to clear that debt off 」


(This person doesn’t waver as usual…..)

Lassen’s behavior of 「It’s ok to raise a flag then?」 betrayed all of Yuuto’s expectations.

「Be that as it may, Yuuto-kun is really lucky. You’ll be protected from any kind of threat because I’m here. You should feel glad」

The cheeky words Lassen spouts rubs Sylphia nerves up the wrong way.

「……That is unnecessary at all」

「Hn? errr…. You are……?」

「My name is Sylphia Rougenberg. I am a knight born from the proud house of Rougenberg!」

「……kuku. Ahahahaha!」

Hearing Sylphia’s words, Lassen starts laugh abruptly.

「Is something funny?」

「No, well〜. My bad. Yuuto-kun. Your slave just said some very interesting joke」

「When did that became a joke……?

「Because it is so? You a follower of Yuuto is claiming to be a Knight, that’s really funny isn’t it?」

「Yo-you bastard……!」

Sylphia who’s irritation had reached it’s limit walks toward and grabs Lassen.

「Yare yare. Yuuto-kun being Yuuto-kun. If you can’t properly educate your slaves, you can’t become a 《Silver Rank》 adventurer」

Lassen probably means no harm to what she had said.
Don’t be too depended on a man 『Live as a woman who can stand on her own』. It wasn’t a speech one can’t understand if you take Lassen behavior despite looking down on Sylphia was holding up her pride.

「I’ll let it pass if it was only me…… but it’s different if you make a mockery of my Master. Ready your weapon this instance! Let’s have a duel!」

「Hou…… Interesting. With your position as a slave, can you really win against me?」

「Oi You two, settle down!」

Yuuto got in between Sylphia and Lassen to mediate.

「But Master! To withdraw while having made a fool of……」

「It won’t do any good if you argue with your comrades right! Our opponents are the monsters that are in this mines……」

「But Yuuto-kun. I also can’t back down easily because of that big bragger over there. I also have something that is called pride」


Lassen’s remarks were reasonable.
Although it’s easy to use my authority to command Sylphia to apologize, but if I do such a thing then it will result that will leave some lasting effects.
It’s necessary to have a counter suggestion that can replace the 『Duel』 in order for the situation to quite down.

「Let’s do it this way! While searching, I won’t engage into any fight until I’m in a pinch. Let’s have a game that which of you 『Can protect me』….. How about that?」

Yuuto toss that suggestion in desperation, it was accepted unexpectedly by the two.

「I’ll take up this match!」

「I don’t have any objection. I’ll let you regret mocking my Master」

Lassen and Sylphia both faced each other, they were giving off sparks with a *bachi bachi*
Like this the Silver Rank promotion test completely changed, it developed into a fierce battle between two women.

「Beforehand, shall we review the rules of the game. After going in 『Wormwood Path』 , we will defeat any monsters that will approach Yuuto-kun. We will compete for who ever can defeat the most monsters」

「……Yeah. There’s no objection to that」

「Hou…… Such confidence you have there. Do try to amuse me even for a short while」

To Lassen who was one of the top adventurers of Expein, Sylphia was just a worthless existence.
I myself am also an independent adventurer. So in one’s mind, it’s impossible to be defeated by someone who has a slave status.
At this point, Lassen didn’t doubt her victory even by just 1%.

「Now then, let’s move forward. As I lave already used this hunting ground in the past. I’ll be the one to guide you」

Lassen then took out a magic stone that can light up the dark area from midst of her back which was a necessity in a cave expedition.
Yuuto and Sylphia followed Lassen at the rear.


Orc Threat LV 15
Pixie Threat LV 13

We immediately encountered enemies while walking.
For the enemies’s formation, 3 orcs was acting as vanguards while a single Pixie was the rearguard.
The monster called orc is a race of a humanoid figure with a pig’s head.
For Yuuto ,he was well-acquainted with this kind of monster as it was the trigger that summoned him to this world.
The monster called pixie was a monster that has an appearance similar to the fairy he had met before, but just a bit larger.
But because it has a bow on hand, being similar to a fairy that only has recovery magic i guess that’ not the only merit of this monster.{tooltip}(?){end-texte}RAW TEXT: しかし、手には弓を携えいることからフェアリーのような回復魔法だけが取り得の魔物ではないことが推測される。{end-tooltip}

「Now then. First of all, show me what you’ve got. I’ll make you do the first move」

Lassen draws her 《Mysterious Flame Gun》 from it’s holster, she then fix her western hat in place.


While Sylphia silently draws her mithril blade, she rushed toward the group of orcs.

(She is an amateur as expected. To fight the combination of orcs and pixie head on…… It’s already too late as we’re already been exposed)

As an adventurer according to theory, in this situation it is better to sneak around the back and knock the pixie down.
If the pixie isn’t defeated first, it will then give some recovery support to the orcs that is fighting as vanguards.
Fighting the orcs that was the vanguards, it’s the most elementary mistakes made by rookies.

「Waaaaaa! Taaah!」

Just seeing the result, Lassen’s prediction was greatly off the mark.
As for Sylphia, when she nimbly evaded the orc’s spears, with the mithril blade she had activated 《Wind Magic》 and then she greatly leaped.


Immediately after that.
A decapitation strike traveled toward all the orc’s necks, then their death cry as heard.

「Wha……」{tooltip}(?){end-texte}Lassen was trying to say 「What!」 here but she shuttered cuz of being surprised{end-tooltip}

Lassen was lost in words for Sylphia’s display of her sword arts.
The reason why is becauseー.
That sword art, it was the most beautiful sword art Lassen has ever seen compared to the one she had seen before.
Sylphia’s sword art slashes as quick as the wind, it didn’t gave the orcs any time to react.

(……Nowadays, this kind of thing in order to grow takes time to be practiced){tooltip}(?){end-texte}RAW TEXT: (……最近、何時にも増して稽古に時間をかけているのはこういうことだったのか){end-tooltip}

Yuuto was impressed.
Yuuto’s evaluation regarding to Sylphia’s sword arts was something like 「It’s too faithful toward the basics that why it leaves a large opening」.
Sylphia’s sword arts is rapidly developing while also adapting 《Wind Magic》.
Sylphia runs after the pixie who was trying to escape.
Sylphia raised her movement speed with the use of wind magic, the speeding pixie that’s saying 「You can never catch up to me」 was then surpassed.

「Over there!」


The outcome wasー.
It was a successful suppression on a pixie that was said to be hard to suppress even by an active Silver Ranked adventurer.

「I-I see. You were called Sylphia-kun right. Seems like you are enjoying this aren’t you……」

She can’t afford to be defeated even if she was the one who stirred it herself.
To Lassen who suddenly lost her composure in this matter, begins to sweat from her forehead.

After defeating the orcs and pixie, Yuuto then confirms his status.

Konoe, Yuuto
Unique Ability: Skill Taker
Slave Contract
Magic Eyes
Growth Promotion
Magic Power Refinement
Soul Creation
Magic: Fire Magic LV4(12/40)
Water Magic LV6(10/60)
Wind Magic LV5(4/50)
Holy Magic LV2(8/20)
Curse Magic LV6(3/60)
Trait: Fire Resistance LV3(19/30)
Water Resistance LV3(0/30)
Wind Resistance LV4(6/40)

Because Yuuto have the unique ability 《Skill Taker》, it has been already proven that allies who are connected to him via the slave contract will have it’s effect displayed when they defeats some enemies.
In this case, the skill taken from the pixie was Holy Magic +3.

(Are…… There’s no skill stolen from the orcs……)

On the status screen nothing had been raised except for the Holy Magic.
Looking back, when Yuuto was summoned he had defeated many orcs, that’s why no skill was obtained.
It’s probably rare for those type to exist among those monsters.
When Yuuto confirmed the battle’s result, he pulls himself together and then move forward toward the depths of the mine.


After that.
Lassen and Sylphia continues to steadily advance.

The the orc vanguards against Sylphia with her sword and the rear pixie against Lassen and her gun――.
With that combination the two kept defeating the enemies, their brilliance doesn’t cease to grow while moving toward the depth of the mine.

(……Unbelievable. This girl’s capabilities rivals a Silver Rank adventurer)

The more they continue to fight, the more Lassen’s evaluation of Sylphia rises.

「Sylphia-kun……a moment. Can I ask you one question?」

Lassen who took Sylphia’s silence as a ‘Yes’ then continued.

「Why are you content on being a slave if you have such capabilities? I think you can live by yourself without depending on a man if you wanted to」

「……Such a foolish question. My master have saved my life many times. My live will be forever with Yuuto-dono」


Lassen wants to use that refined power for oneself while Sylphia want to use it for others sake.
Both girls sense of value are the complete opposite of each other.
When Lassen had a look of not being convinced, Sylphia then begins to talk.

「Besides, this power isn’t mine alone. As for my sword arts…… I have learned it because I was always watching my master closer than anyone」

The main origin of the idea on utilizing 《Wind Magic》 with her own sword arts that supported Sylphia’s rapid growth was inspired by Yuuto’s 《Leopard Gait》{tooltip}(?){end-texte}Raw was 《飆脚》, if anyone remembers what Andrew9495 translated it as then do tell me. Thanks to “crywolf641” for the name.{end-tooltip}.
《Leopard Gait》 was a skill that uses wind magic for high-speed movement, it was created because Yuuto owns an innate disposition of dynamic vision――.
It was an impossible feat that no one can imitate.
It was simply not a borrowed idea from Yuuto.
To Sylphia, by adding the Wind Magic to a women’s 『lightness』, she was able to create an original sword art.

「……Sylphia-kun. It looks like that I owe you an apology」

Lassen faces toward Sylphia awkwardly touching her western hat’s visor.

「I take my past remarks back. From what I just saw, you are a splendid knight. I apologize for those rude remarks a while ago」

Lassen spoke some words of apology while extending out her hands toward Sylphia.

「……I also apologize for getting worked up. We did some needless quarrel. Your skill with a gun was also amazing」

Sylphia who received Lassen’s words replied while shaking her hands.

A bond of friendship was created between the two girls who had recognized each other’s abilities.

「……Lassen-san. Can you also turn Dere for me?」{tooltip}(?){end-texte}LOL Yuuto also wants Lassen to show her Dere side to him{end-tooltip}

And after that.
Yuuto had successfully settled the conflict between Sylphia and Lassen, then they went back at Ozwan’s quest to search for the coins inside the Wormwood mines.

I check the status while walking.

Konoe, Yuuto
Unique Ability: Skill Taker
Slave Contract
Magic Eyes
Growth Promotion
Magic Power Refinement
Soul Creation
Magic: Fire Magic LV4(12/40)
Water Magic LV6(10/60)
Wind Magic LV5(4/50)
Holy Magic LV3(12/30)
Curse Magic LV6(3/60)
Trait: Fire Resistance LV3(19/30)
Water Resistance LV3(0/30)
Wind Resistance LV4(6/40)

Holy Magic LV3
Available Magic: Heal

(A magic that illuminates the surrounding area with sacred light)

A new magic will be added as the LV of the Holy Magic rises.

The newly learned magic 《Flashlight》 is just what Yuuto needed.
They had been using a manastone to light up their surroundings until now, but now that they got 《Flashlight》 they don’t need to rely on such tools.

「If we move to this inner part, we’ll arrive at the depth of the mine. And be on your guard because the level of the monsters will increase in this area」

We were guided by Lasses while walking, Yuuto then arrived inside a room.

「Kuhahahahawa! Welcome! To my castle!」

A rough voice of a man echoes inside the mine.

And when we notice it, we were already surrounded.
What surrounded Yuuto was the army of Mammon’s subordinate, Marduk.

I immediately noticed from the surrounding that they’re not an ordinary human from their strange appearances.

「Demons……!? Why are there Demons here!?」

Lassen was trembling with fear.
To an Adventurer such as Lassen, it was her first time encountering a demon.

After the demon race lost against the human race in the war, they had severed any kind of contact with the humans and went into hiding.
There are some occasion that they had contacts with humans to commit crimes but such existence was quite in the minority group.

「I’ll then tell you. Ojou-chan. Our immediate goal…… Is to kill that man over there!」

Marduk keeps on while moving quickly by jumping onto the rock faces.

「Konoe Yuuto. We prepared this game for you so do keep us company for a while」

「A game……?」

「Yes. You are quite a celebrity on our society. Every demon gathered here wants to defeat you in order to raise their ranks.
That’s why we…… suggest a 1-on-1 fight with you! however the victory condition for you is to defeat all demons here in this very place」

「That’s preposterous……」

To Sylphia who heard Marduk’s suggestion was in despair.
And with a little estimation, the demon gathered here in the mine was over 30.
A demon and a human born have some differences on both physical and magical powers.
Furthermore, we’re at a hopeless disadvantage even at the numbers.

「We~ll I can go along with it however, What do I get by winning this game of yours?

「Kihihi. That would be impossible! Because you will die right here!」

Marduk continued to let out a jarring laugh.

「Well if you’re that motivated then why not give something out? Because surely the one who will defeat you will gain some prestige」{tooltip}(?){end-texte}Really not sure if I translated the first line correctly: 「ただまぁ、そっちの方がモチベーションが上がるっていうなら何か用意してやってもいいぜ? こっちとしても本気のお前を倒した方が箔が付くからな」{end-tooltip}

「Is that so? Fine then, I’ll honestly answer one of your question on anything if you win」

「Oi oi. Are you fine with those conditions!? Why not suggest a reward that’s more a lot more dreamy」

「……Unnecessary. I’ll keep my promise without any hindrance」

The conditions Marduk gave out was convenient for Yuuto in various ways.
Yuuto was looking for the whereabouts of the Demon race.
Particularly the Devil called Marduk was most important person who might hold the information about the 《Summoning Manastone》――.
Yuuto had been looking for their existence for quite a time.

「So who will be my first opponent? I still have lots of things to do so I would like to start the fight as soon as possible」

「……Hey wait a darn minute. I’ll decide the fight order by using a card」

While Marduk was wearing a vulgar smile, he hurried toward his comrades.

「Master. Are you fine with it? Your opponent is a Demon…… And they had such numbers!? As one would expect, Master is the one that’s on disadvantage this time……」

「It will be alright. There’s a certain way to win in this game」

Sylphia’s expression brightens after receiving Yuuto’s reassuring words.

「My apologies! I were curious why you accepted the enemy’s suggestion easily…… You’ve properly thought about a strategy right. So can I hear the details on this sure fire way to win strategy of yours?」

「Ah. To put it simply , can I beat the Devils here? Defeating the appearing Devils in this circumstances, I’ll absolutely won’t lose!」

「You didn’t think of anything at all!?」

Sylphia had doubled her anxiety after hearing Yuuto’s strategy.

Mad Lobster
Race: Merman
Occupation: None
UniqueAbility: None

「Hiyatsuhatsuー!{tooltip}(?){end-texte}This is how Mad Lobster laugh{end-tooltip} Your first opponent is this great one!」

A few minutes after that.
What appeared in front of Yuuto was an enormous lobster.