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Translated by: Futaba(Navi)
Edited by: GM_Rusaku

Episode 151: Konichiwa


With in the top of the 《Tower of the Four Beast》 build on Rhonas Plains, Mammon who’s holding a wineglass was sitting on a throne inside the 《Golden Room》.

(Now then…… Yuuto-kun Up to what floor within my castle can you accomplish to conquer?)

The 《Tower of the Four Beast》 was Mammon’s prided bastion that he had created years ago that was invested with an enormous asset. The tower has a total length of 300m, it was originally a dungeon that was remodeled. There are 50 floors and in every 10th floor there will be a boss defending it, those demons are called 《The Four Beast》 and are consist of 《Genbu》, 《Byakko》, 《Suzaku》, and 《Seiryuu》.

The 1st~10th floor is guarded by 《Genbu》, It’s an area that has the concept of tossing the intruder on a complex topography. The floor is complicated like a maze, and it’s the one with the most installed traps compared to the other floors. It’s cruel floor that has a total of 10,000 branching pattern that will wear down both the intruder’s physical and mental strength.

The 11th~20th floor was guarded by 《Byakko》, it’s an area which has 『Coldness』 as it’s concept. In this floor, the room temperature is below 40 degree of the freezing point. It has an environment that will make your breath freeze just as you exhale it.

The 21st~30th floor was guarded by 《Suzaku》, Opposite from the previous floor severe 『Heat』 was the concept of this floor. The room temperature on this floor exceeds 70 degrees, There are many traps scattered like being dropped into the lave when you made a wrong step.

The 31st~49th floor was guarded by 《Seiryuu》, this differs from the past areas as there are no severe environments nor complex topography. Protecting this floor are Mammon’s demonic armed faction. To be able to break through here requires having pure 『strength』 only a genuine strong person would have.

「Let us say that he successfully conquered the floors with ease…… It will take them at least seven days to reach the top」

Mammon already judged that Yuuto would definitely not reach the top floor. The highest record any intruder had reached so far was only the 3rd floor. However lucky you are, It’s impossible for a human to defeat 《Genbu》 who was protecting the 10th floor.

《Genbu 》 was skillful at cunning tactics and can freely utilize his seven unique abilities, he is on top among the demons in fighting ability.

「Maa, I’ll patiently enjoy this. I have great expectation on your ability that had defeated Greater Demon」

For every floor within the tower, a 《Manastone of Projection》 records the view and projects them. With this item, Mammon can see the intruder’s movement while staying within the top floor.

「Fuu…… Wine is really the best to drink while looking down on the commoners hanging on」

Mammon was in a good moon while drinking wine, then after that…

(Who’s that……? I already ordered the Imp to allow no one to enter here)

A steady knocking can be heard from around the floor. He thought that a subordinate of him came to visit, but even so it was still suspicious. The entrance’s door on the room had remained closed. Except for a single small 『window』 in the room to report to, there are no way to have contact.

Unless the opponent has the advance 『Flight Ability』 , It’s impossible to climb the room through the window of the 《Tower of the Four Beast》 that is higher than 300 meters long.

「Koncha-su. (Good day) Oh, are you Mammon perhaps?」


At that moment the boy’s face, Yuuto’s face was seen. Mammon had spitted out all the wine in his mouth.

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